About Us

Ritz is a well-known Aruban franchise specialized in local and international food, home made snacks, ice- cream and Aruba's favorite soft serve 'Super' featuring different exciting flavors every day.

Ritz is famous for its local breakfast, lunch and dinners and offers a very extensive menu to fulfill your deepest cravings.

Our Chicken Wings Basket and the Sate Basket are the hottest selling items on our menu and it's a must try if you haven't tried it yet. Ritz also features our famous 'Kapsalon' a hot selling item.

We are committed to offer you quality and taste served by our friendly staff.

Our Values

Make People’s Day
We commit wholeheartedly to making people feel special and valued. We reach out with positivity and warmth in every interaction with guests, teammates, partners, neighbors, and the community because we think in terms of relationships, not transactions. Each of us creates epically special moments and memories whenever we can.

Commit to Be the Best
We give our personal best and inspire and grow the best in others. We own our impact on our world and hold ourselves accountable. We are constantly reflecting on and improving upon what we do and how we do it because “best” is not a fixed endpoint but rather a steady evolution.

Think Like an Entrepreneur
We celebrate thoughtful risk-taking and understand that break-through moments don’t happen without some mistakes and iterations along the way. We push boundaries by asking “why?” and, more importantly, “why not?” We openly value and seek feedback to learn and grow.

Be Genuine
We do the right thing, even when nobody else is looking. We are true to ourselves in our words, actions, and relationships.We model the empathy, compassion, and humility that we expect from others.

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Ritz L.G Smith Boulevard
(297) 588-2424
Ritz Savaneta
(297) 584-4495
Ritz Sta. Cruz
(297) 5852525
For Suggestion or Complains call office (297) 588-9301  (office hours)
For Job Application mail us @ info@ritzgrupo.com
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